Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Low Testosterone: A Recurring Problem

Produced in the ovaries of the women and the Testes of the men, a steroid hormone known as Testosterone performs certain important bodily functions such as voice deepening, growth of pubic and facial hair and the determining of primary and secondary sexual characteristics among both male and female. Although the problem of a low testosterone has begun to emerge very recently, but scientists and the doctor agree that it has been there since the end of the Second World War.

The production and the secretion of the hormone is dependent upon the pituitary glands being located in the hypothalamus or the lower part of the brain. The brain releases some amount of LH and FSH which stimulates the production of the testosterones. In medical terminology, the bodily condition of low testosterone is called as Hypogonadism. When the low testosterone is caused by the pituitary glands it is called as the secondary Hypogonadism and when it is caused by the hypothalamus it is called as the tertiary Hypogonadism.

Generally the low T is caused by various factors such as an injury to the testes sac, un-descended testicles, cancer therapy, aging, chromosomal abnormalities and certain ovary conditions in the women. Apart from the aforementioned causes there can be other causes as well such as: brain tumors, tuberculosis, STDs, Anabolic Steroids and obesity.

Among the males the symptoms of low T are the poor development of primary sex organs and the sac, lack of sexual maturation, decreased sexual function, lack of bodily hair and osteoporosis. Although the low testosterone is generally referred to as an all-male problem but contrary to the popular perception the women also tend to suffer with this condition. The symptoms of low testosterone in the women include hot flashes, decreased sexual desires, sleep disturbances, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis and decrease in the bodily hair.

So far as the treatment of low testosterone among the men is concerned it can be generally addressed with the help of intramuscular injections, testosterone patches and the testosterone gels. A putty can also be applied on the gums which helps the men to easily dissolve the testosterone in their blood levels.

As far as the low testosterone in the women is concerned, the physicians recommend the women to cut the testosterone patches meant for men into shorter ones, and apply them onto the skin subsequently. Similarly the gels can also be applied albeit in small proportions as compared to women to address this issue of low testosterone among the women.

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