Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Aid Certification - 4 Kinds of Courses for Different Individuals

First aid, as the name suggests, is the foremost line of treatment during any injuries or health problems, both major and minor ones. Such instances happen without warning and will often catch you off guard, but if you know first aid then you can administer the suitable treatment till further help can reach you. A situation requiring first aid can arise at your home, place of work or even when you are travelling and thus it is preferable for everyone to learn about this procedure.

There are a number of first aid certificate courses available, find out which category of courses from the ones mentioned below will suit you best.

• The Simple Individual: If you want to learn first aid in a personal capacity and not for any occupation then a basic course will suffice for you. Such a course covers the topic in brief and teaches you how to tackle general situations. Knowledge gained from such a course can be very beneficial to your own family members and friends and can come in handy for your colleagues at your workplace too. Furthermore if you happen to be the first person at the scene of any accident and cannot find any medical assistance nearby then you can help the person yourself and maybe even save a life.

• Occupations in Healthcare: While first aid training is advisable for all it is of course most important in the field of healthcare, in fact it is mandatory for professionals like doctors, nurses and paramedics to secure a first aid certification. Courses for healthcare personnel are more advanced where different situations and methods to treat them are taught in more detail. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and using equipments like automated external defibrillators also form a part of the course. Furthermore due to the threat of infections in a healthcare environment such personnel may also be trained on importance of using the appropriate gear for safety.

• Other Professions: Besides healthcare where first aid certification is a must there are many other professions where such skills will be preferred by the employer. Some such professions and fields include school staff, day care workers, fitness trainers, adventure sports, and any potentially hazardous occupations like construction or where heavy machinery is being operated. Courses for such professions will teach you how to respond to any emergencies and use the contents of the first aid kit.

• Special Situations: In addition to the above you may be working in a profession that may require learning first aid which focuses on a particular specialized area. If you work in remote environments like the wilderness which is frequented by trekkers, campers and nature enthusiasts you will have to be prepared for delayed medical assistance and poor transport and gain first aid skills accordingly. Similarly if your job revolves around infants and small children you will be required to pick up skills relevant to such individuals.

The kind of first aid course will depend on your purpose and profession whereas the duration and validity of certification will vary according to the level of advancement.

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