Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hemorrhoids Treatment - Varying the Treatment for Different Stages

Choosing the best hemorrhoids treatment for your piles can be difficult, especially if you are currently experiencing a serious case of the disease. In most situations, individuals merely just desire to resolve the issue rapidly and would gladly take any solution that pledges to provide pain relief. Unfortunately, this will not work if a person does not have a good idea of what they are dealing with and so match the treatment to the problem. There are several different stages to a case of hemorrhoids and patients should understand precisely what they are handling before starting the proper therapy.

This short article is not able to give you specific medical advice, but it can indicate a path to follow. So, with that in mind, here are descriptions of the various stages of hemorrhoids and some preliminary thoughts about just how to treat them.

First Degree

The initial stage is when the piles are still within the anus, making it very uncomfortably and scratchy. At this time selecting a treatment that brings comfort is the greatest expedient. One way to accomplish this would be to administer some cold compress, successfully anesthetizing and soothing the anus and for that reason doing away with the burning sensation. Note that during the first stage, it is already possible to find a bit of blood on the stool or perhaps have the sensation of constantly being full. Mark that blood on the stools might have arisen from other causes therefore an initial medical analysis should be sought.

Second Degree

This degree begins to be more distressing as you start to feel as if your bowel movements are never complete. At this point, the piles become loose, threatening to fall out of the anus. During the second degree, the piles may well fall out of the anus during bowel movement and then quickly come back in again. That is why most people think they are voiding a stool and not being successful about it. This second stage is not always identified as a deterioration of the condition needing different treatment to effect a cure. The patient may continue with simple pain relief but this does nothing to improve the underlying condition. Should there be any suspicion of hemorrhoid at this point however; individuals should consult a physician right away. More successful home treatments are available.

Third Degree

The third degree is reached whenever the body is no longer capable of immediately hiding the piles. Instead, sufferers would need to manually re-insert them to the anus and that can be uncomfortable, if not painful. At this point, the condition can no longer be ignored and individuals must seek the attention of a doctor as soon as possible.

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage is when it is no longer feasible to physically insert the fallen out piles within the anus. Fortunately this is a very rare occurrence, especially if early treatment has been provided. Instead, the skin stays there permanently, effectively increasing the discomfort not only during bowel movement but also during all kinds of movement. Obviously, affected individuals ought to be following the care of a physician at this point.

Preferably, individuals should consult their doctor as soon as they find something wrong with their bowel motion. The sooner a clear analysis is provided then the sooner the right hemorrhoids treatment can be provided and the greater would be the possibilities of recovery.

Remember to validate your suspicions of hemorrhoids by seeing a doctor for diagnosis before taking any drugs. For individuals who suspect one of the early stages of hemorrhoids however, it is feasible to commence a natural hemorrhoids treatment to make the procedure easier. This include eating more fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables together with increasing the fluid intake. Simply put - drink more water. Using this advice the condition will be eased and the cure begun as the stools will be softer so their passing will reduce pain from inflamed veins.

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