Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can We Die Healthy?

Now that seems strange because if you listen to the television commercials on some of the medicines available to us for pains and ailments the side effects do not sound inviting. We have worked so hard to find cures in the laboratory we forget that humankind has been dealing with ailments for thousands of years by natural means and no side effects. How exactly did they live so long and what medicines did they take?

So how do we stay well? My cousin was visiting last week and when her father, my uncle, was in the hospital last year one of the Physicians Assistants told her that as you get older quit going to the doctor. That was extreme but I think I understand what she was saying. Should we go to the doctor, who will put us in the hospital, try new medicines and keep us immobile? Or do we live each day to the fullest and just die in our beds.

This seems like a morbid subject but if you think about it most of today's population is looking to natural foods, organic foods and natural medicines instead of the chemicals available in the pharmacy. We are by our own direction turning away from medical science cures and looking to the natural cures we have been using for centuries.

I have arthritis in both knees and bursitis in my shoulders. I take a natural mixture of herbs and spices and I am fine. The chemicals they advertise have so many side effects you really do not know if the pain is that great anymore.

Well I want to die healthy. That is why I watch what I eat, exercise and try to think positive every day. Depression is a bad thing and it follows us, as we grow older. We change our lifestyles because we cannot do what we used to and if we do not keep reinventing ourselves with new activities, we will become depressed and have problems.

Talk to a trainer about what type of exercise you should do. The gyms are not so bad these days and they want business so their prices are affordable. Eating right is easy. Several websites promote eating healthy and have some good recipes. There are more vegetarians today than ever before. Do you know that man started as a vegetarian? I do not know what happen to change that since I was not there but it was probably interesting.

Search the web for some good ideas on eating right, do not over do the vitamins and minerals, look to the websites that will provide the right information and learn how your body works. Learn what vitamins and minerals you need, learn what are the best foods for you. Did you know there is a blood type diet? I will talk about that later.

Eat well, exercise, think healthy.

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