Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hidden Treasure of Pediatric Nursing

As any parent knows, having children is a life-changing experience for which there is no adequate preparation. We all have ideas about how to raise children but most of the time we simply learn as we go. A young pediatric nurse can get a good head start on parenting through the day-to-day experience of pouring her heart and soul into caring for her young patients. It's not exactly the same as real-life experience, but it might be the next best thing.

The Quandary of Pediatrics

When the new graduate takes a job as a pediatric nurse, she is immediately faced with the challenge of doing what's best for a child and making sure that child is as comfortable as possible. Yet the two are not always compatible. Sometimes doing what's best for a sick patient is going to cause that person to be extremely uncomfortable. For example, you may have to draw blood from a young patient. As a nurse you don't want to make that child cry and scream, but it's for his own good. Those are the same decisions parents make every day.

Individuals who choose pediatric travel nursing jobs get to take those challenges one step further. Not only do they have the same quandary in caring for their patients, they are also sacrificing the benefits of their own stability to go where the work is. Travel nurses always have to get used to new coworkers, learn their way around new cities and generally adapt to all the pressures that come with travel. But when they walk into work every day, all those things must be put behind them so they can concentrate on their young patients.

Look for the Hidden Treasures

With any job it's easy to complain about all of the negatives; anyone can do that. But it takes a special kind of worker to look beyond those things and instead find the hidden treasures. If you're pediatric nurse, look for those treasures in the smiles and tears of your young charges. You'll find that the skills you learn as a pediatric nurse will make you a better parent.

If you're currently employed in pediatric travel nursing, relish those opportunities while you have them. Most travel nurses don't spend their entire careers on the road for obvious reasons. You probably won't either if you intend to eventually have children. So use your opportunities wisely, learn as much as you can and look for your own hidden treasures as you go.

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